The airport staff, who disrespect the Kazakh language, caused public dissatisfaction

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Employees of Almaty International Airport cannot speak the state language at all. Journalist Rishat Askarbekuly announced this on his Facebook page, the national portal "Adyrna" wrote.

"The situation at Almaty International Airport... a citizen named Erkin Yerbolek sent to me personally. Flight DV-769 Almaty-Atyrau was delayed by 5:30 hours, because of this, when I met several employees (Scat airline), they (Valeria Afanasenko, Zazulina Olesya) did not speak the state language at all. When we protested against this and called the responsible employee of the airport, we noticed that he (Nikolay Bulekov - the shift manager at the airport) did not not understand Kazakh at all. Moreover, all the badges were written in Russian. The head of the airport duty also called a Kazakh guy to speak Kazakh-Russian. He was completely embarrassed.In the Kazakh country is it a problem to find out the situations in the Kazakh language ? A group of passengers were very dissatisfied with the administration of the Almaty airport and the administration of the Skat airline company. These employees should be fired for not respecting the rights of customers and disrespecting the state language. " he wrote.