A firefighter died in Abay region

Adyrna.kz Telegram

"Adyrna" correspondent reported that a firefighter died while performing his duty in Abay region.

On September 7, 2022, at 1:35 p.m., the 112 dispatcher received a report that dry grass was burning in the first village of Bozzhyra rural district of Zharma district of Abay region.

"Employees of fire station No. 22 were sent to the place of call. They immediately started extinguishing the fire. In the course of the work, the fire-fighting tanker received water from the KAMAZ, which supplies water for fire fighting of the Bakhirshik mining enterprise. At that time, due to a change in the direction of the wind, the fire spread towards the tank truck. The evacuation routes for equipment were engulfed in flames from all sides, and a two-meter tall tree was burnt.

Firefighters assessed the situation, stopped collecting fire-technical weapons, and began emergency evacuation. The tank truck and the KAMAZ water transporter were completely burnt.
As a result, the division commander of the fire station, Amangeldi Turlybekov, the driver-employee of the fire station, Aidos Togyzbaev, the firefighter-rescuer, Nurlan Salimzhan, received burns of various degrees and were admitted to the Shar city hospital of Zharma district.

Aidos suffered severe burns and died of his injuries in the hospital. Civil defense sergeant Aidos Yerulanuly Togyzbayev was nominated for the III degree state award "Aybyn" after his death for his courage and selfless bravery during the performance of his duty," the report said.

According to official data, the area of ​​the fire was 500 hectares. Currently, the circumstances of the incident are being determined.