South Korea is the country with the highest life expectancy and the best medicine in the world

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This small Asian country was one of the poorest countries on the planet 50 years ago. Today, however, South Korea is recognized as one of the world leaders in terms of economic growth and the owner of the best healthcare. It is interesting that medicine in the country is completely paid, but remains accessible to every member of the society. How did the Koreans manage to create quality healthcare and how much does it cost ordinary citizens?


The American experience

South Korea is one of the rare examples in history of a politically and economically dependent state that has prospered and somehow outlived its dominance. Koreans owe their prosperity to the US.

After the Civil War in 1953, the country was devastated. Medical infrastructure and healthcare system were virtually non-existent. The US government's International Cooperation Agency (ICA) helped the Koreans get back on their feet, sponsoring the construction of new hospitals and the training of Korean doctors.

The University of Minnesota introduced local doctors to Western standards, and a program to train Korean specialists was called the Minnesota Experiment. The project continued until 1980.

Treat yourself the Korean way

The country has public and private insurance. Both options include paid medical care. State insurance covers from 40 to 95% of the costs, depending on the type of activity, social status and financial situation.

A citizen's well-being is automatically determined by the tax service. All income, property and even expenses are accounted for, such as the purchase of cars and real estate, as well as housing rentals.

After all, the richer a person is, the more expensive health care will be for him. The state insurance payment is kept by the employer in the amount of 4 to 13% of the salary.