The roof of the stadium collapsed during a football match in Shymkent

فوتو: شىمكەنت قالالىق تجد
فوتو: شىمكەنت قالالىق تجد

Today at 21:20 in Shymkent during a football match between "Ordabasy" and "Aksu" strong wind blew off the roof of the main building of the stadium Hadzhimukan, the national portal "Adyrna" reported.

According to the public relations service of the Department of Emergency Situations of Shymkent, the wind speed reached 20 m / s. The area of the wind-blown tent is about 400 square meters. The total area is 900 square meters.

No one was killed or injured. Firefighters are clearing the collapsed roof.

National portal "Adyrna".

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