Suicide has increased among men in quarantine


According to official data, 48 people committed suicide in Taraz last year alone. This year 43 cases were registered. 36 of them are men, the national portal Adyrna reports citing

According to experts, looking at the place of suicide, it is possible to understand why he died. For example, if a child commits suicide at home, there may be a conflict in the family. And if the place of death was a school, it means that there was a disagreement between classmates or teachers, or there were difficulties in academic performance. Experts often say that a person may be forced to commit suicide if he does not reach his goal.

- Suicides are often committed by people whose family situation has deteriorated and who have lost their jobs. Sometimes people who have been depressed for a long time commit suicide. According to statistics, suicide has become more common among men in recent years. In terms of actual age, the average age of those who commit suicide is between 18 and 30 years old, - said Zhanerke Azimkhan, a senior lieutenant of the Taraz city police.

And a woman often commits suicide when her boyfriend cheats on her and tramples on her. And what about men? Why has the number of suicides among men increased in recent years?

- The main reason is quarantine. During the global pandemic, a man sitting at home began to feel imprisoned. Man is a freedom-loving creature. From the time of my grandfather, men lived in the desert, and women lived near the hearth. Quarantine violated this established natural law. There is no quarantine for a woman who takes care of children at home. This is because most mothers spend their lives at home caring for their children. And the men did not fit in the walls of the house and began to feel useless.
Men need basically daily news, adrenaline stuff. They find it easier to control their anger. The man, who was sitting at home, became angry, could not speak, or was annoyed. Most of the women who saw her husband alone in the evening could not bear it. Then a fight broke out in the house, and the house was shaken. The woman took the children and went to Turkmenistan, while the man wrote about his anger and resentment with vodka. Thus, men who are depressed feel lonely and end their lives, - says psychologist Ertay Zhumat.

He also said that due to the quarantine, many people could not repay their debts and their businesses went bankrupt, and men in this situation could commit suicide.


National portal "Adyrna".

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