Zhumatay's "Laila" died


This week, Laila Dosmukhambetova, known as the Muse of the famous poet Zhumatai Zhakypbayev, who wrote "Songs that heal the sick heart" (I. Isaev), died.

Although many people do not know the true nature of Laila Beisbekovna, they know from the poems of the poet Zhumatay that she is such a beautiful, delicate and delicate person.

In real life, these people were not destined to join, but the poet Laila Beisbekovna beautifully described the image, soul and beauty in her poem. The poet even published a collection of poems "Leila" for his museum in 1981.

As for how the poet met his Musa, Zhumatay first saw Laila at a dance party. He immediately saw the beauty who came in the door. Leila also told the handsome poet not to go and invited him to dance. Leila offered a scarf to the poet, who did not come out to dance, and left. This was Jumatay's first time seeing Laila.

After that, the poet, who found Musa in the poem, saw his beloved for the second time outside the campus of Kazakh State University. At that time, the poet could not get close because of the presence of another man next to Laila. Seen for the third time in the village. When Laila returned to the country to study in Moscow, she was amazed to see only the outside. Zhumatay's wife Zaida Elgondinova told about it in her stories.

Thus, Laila, who was the basis of the poet's great songs, became a unique character in Kazakh poetry, which impressed many people.

As for Laila Beisbekovna, she was born on October 4, 1946. Initially, she entered Kazakh State University, but later she graduated with honors and transferred to Moscow University. He graduated from the Faculty of History and Archival Studies. After that he practiced and later stayed in the city forever. In Moscow, she married a foreigner and had children. He retired a few years ago. A few days ago, Laila Beisbekovna passed away.

The staff of the national portal "Adyrna" expresses their condolences to the family and friends of Laila Beisbekovna.


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