An online conference "Tragedy of the Dark Ages" was held


With the support of the Department of Social Development of Almaty, the National Ethnographic Association "Adyrna" held an online conference on the theme "Lessons from History" on the theme of Alash and famine "Tragedy of the Dark Ages." At the online conference, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Hangeldy Abzhanov noted the facts of the Dark Ages, as well as the consequences of the famine. He said that his father, who was 10-11 years old during the famine, and his grandfather, who was in his 40s, still listened to him. He also offered to collect and organize the memories of the descendants of the lions who suffered during the Dark Ages.

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Talas Omarbekov told about Oraz Zhandosov's letter to Goloshchekin. Oraz Zhandosov said in the letter to  Goloschekin that the population was dying and that young children were starving to death.

During the conference, the head of the Museum of Victims of Political Repressions Meirzhan Musabayev shared his views and thanked for the meeting. Muhammad-ali Kuanyshkereiy tegy, a 2nd year student of Zhangir Khan Agrarian Technical University in Uralsk, West Kazakhstan region, made a proposal on the topic and asked questions to historians.

At the end of the conference, the President of the National Ethnographic Association "Adyrna" Arman Aubakir thanked to all people. Proceedings of the conference, which lasted about 2 hours, will be published in abbreviated versions on the YouTube page of the national portal Adyrna on Facebook.

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