A military plane crashed in Russian Yeysk: a house caught fire

Adyrna.kz Telegram

Information about the state of emergency appeared in the Telegram channels. According to media reports, the crashed plane was a military one. According to some reports, the pilots managed to eject.

As a result of the crash, a residential building caught fire. According to eyewitnesses, explosions were heard at the scene.

Later, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that a Su-34 aircraft crashed while climbing for a training flight from the military airfield of the Southern Military District.

"The plane crashed within the city of Yeysk. According to the report of the ejected pilots, the cause of the crash was the ignition of one of the engines during takeoff. At the site of the crash of the Su-34, in the courtyard of one of the residential areas, the fuel of the aircraft ignited," the military department said in a statement.