Krasnaya Polyana in Akmola will change to Birlik, Petrikovka - Tumar, Arbuzenka - Akkent.

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The names of three identical villages in Sandyktau district of Akmola region will be in Kazakh this year, the national portal "Adyrna" writes.

According to, there is a plan to change the names of more than 100 settlements in the region in the coming years.

"Since Krasnaya Polyana is our center and a symbol of our prosperity, we decided to call it Birlik. And Petrikovka will be changed to Tumar, Arbuzenka to Akkent. Everything was chosen in consultation with the people. At this time, our respect and patriotism for the Kazakh people, who embraced our ancestors you know it is a sign. More than 1,000 people live in these three villages. 99 percent of them are Ingush and Chechen. The main occupation of the villagers is animal husbandry. There are 6 large companies and about 40 farms here. In a word, there is no unemployed person. And Birlik rural district "It is one of the few localities in the region that has a council of elders. That's why any problem here is taken care of by the elders," says Ansar Ibaev, mayorof Birlik rural district.

"Adyrna" national portal