Elon Musk plans to install a chip in a person next year.


Elon Musk, the founder of Neuralink, said that the implantation of neurochips in experimental monkeys was a success, and from the New Year he would install a chip in humans, according to the national portal Adyrna.

According to Musk, implants are first placed in patients with severe spinal diseases. Neuralink is currently awaiting approval from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for testing.

Elon Musk has twice postponed testing neurochips in humans. This was greatly influenced by the coronavirus pandemic. However, if the company starts chipping people in 2022, it will be a great achievement for them.

According to Forbes magazine, Elon Musk is on the list of the richest people on the planet, with a fortune of more than 292.6 billion dollars. The total value of assets is 311 billion dollars.


National portal "Adyrna"

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