How many billions will be spent on Mazhilis and maslikhat elections?


The Central Election Commission has announced how much money would be spent on the elections to the Majilis and Maslikhat, according to the national portal "Adyrna".

We expect that the expenses of the forthcoming company will increase compared to the previous companies of the Majilis in 2016 and the presidential election in 2019, - said the Secretary of the Central Election Commission Sabila Mustafina.

First of all, the increase in planned expenditures is an increase in the minimum wage due to the increase in the salaries of election commission members.

Second, due to the natural increase in population, the cost of building 86 reconstructed polling stations has increased. It consists of more than 600 members of the commission.

 Third, inflation of prices for goods, works and services, as well as the mandatory costs associated with the election in the event of a pandemic. It should be noted that the campaign will take place within two budget years. Therefore, the expenditures for 2021 - 4.5 billion tenge are provided for in the draft law "On the Republican Budget for 2021-2023" and this amount will be used to pay the salaries of members of election commissions at all levels.

He also said that the estimated cost of the joint election campaign is 15.3 billions tenge.

In general, the estimated cost of the joint election campaign of deputies of the Majilis and Maslikhat will be 15.3 billion tenge. This is a rational solution for the efficient use of budget funds. The cost of holding two separate elections would be 25 billions tenge, "the CEC secretary said.

National portal "Adyrna"

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