About 40 tourists rode. The bus overturned in Almaty region

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فوتو: instagram.com/almobl_akimat
فوتو: instagram.com/almobl_akimat

A bus carrying tourists had an accident in Almaty region. There are injured people. This was announced by the Akimat of Almaty region, the national portal "Adyrna" reported.

According to the Almaty region administration, the accident happened today, May 27 at 10:20 a.m. in the border area of Kegen and Enbekshikazak districts.
"According to preliminary information, the bus went off the road at a difficult turn in the Alasa Pass belonging to the KazAvtoZhol network. Two ambulance teams from the Kegen district immediately left the scene. There were 37 tourists on the bus. 5 people were taken to the Kegen district hospital, 4 to the Zhalagash district hospital, 4 to the village of Shelek. the person was delivered," the administration informed.

There are no casualties.

"The cause of the accident is not yet known, the investigation is underway. The condition of the injured is stable, the tourists are under the supervision of doctors," the mayor's office noted.