Nur-Sultan's executive committee bought a trading house for 9.5 billions tenge


The of Nur-Sultan spent 9.5 billions tenge on the trading house. It was bought, to put it bluntly, without informing the local maslikhat, and the purchase itself was not "carried out" through the state procurement website, according to the national portal Adyrna.

Journalist Mikhail Kozachkov wrote that he bought the Sine Tompore trading house for 9.5 billions tenge through the mayor's office's Astana Economic Department. This building was an architectural monument, which during the Soviet era was Tselinograd Tsum. The plans to gather all the organizations under one roof of the trading house. In fact, it is not clear why.

Sine Tompore JSC is not just a company that sells architectural monuments. The list of branches of the office includes the Kosovo-Albanian Pacolli family. The family owns the construction company Mabetex. According to Forbes, Pacolli has spent more than $ 1.9 billion in Kazakhstan.

"If the mayor's office avoided construction and decided to buy a ready-made facility, why wasn't a tender announced through the public procurement portal and would they find a new and modern building in the central region rather than a shop built during the Soviet era?" Kozachkov wrote.

National portal "Adyrna"

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