Entrepreneur of Almaty built 10 houses for low-income families


Entrepreneur, who has built houses for 130 needy families in Akterek village of Zhambyl region, has provided housing to 10 more families, Adyrna correspondent reports.

Director of Akterek farm Temirlan Shainusupov handed over the keys to three completed houses on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of independence.
The new house was built by an entrepreneur for low-income families and large families. According to the Moldashev family, who are celebrating the housewarming, the house was built in accordance with modern requirements.

“The 5-room house is modern, has hot and cold water. The toilet is also inside the house. My parents and I lived in a cramped house with my two children. We are grateful to the kind family who gave us a new home as a young family, ”said Askhat Moldashev.

For 12 years he has been building houses for his fellow villagers and contributing to the prosperity of his native land. This year he built a 50-seat kindergarten "Daria" and employed 15 people.

National portal "Adyrna"

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