The wind is getting stronger. The Ministry of Emergencies spoke about the situation in Abay region

2011 Telegram
Фото: ТЖМ
Фото: ТЖМ

"There is a danger that the wind in Abay region will intensify the fires that are still burning. "Nurbolat Derbisov, the chairman of the Fire Service Committee of the Ministry of Emergencies, told about this, the correspondent of "Adyrna" reported.

Today, as a result of reconnaissance by helicopter, the situation appears to have stabilized. But hot spots of fires are being identified in two settlements. Individual formations and all equipment have been mobilized. In addition, the work of dropping water from the helicopter is being carried out regularly. Today, the wind is stronger than in the past days. There is a risk that these strong winds will rekindle the already burning fires. Therefore, we prepare all the tools as much as possible and fight the fire. Everything is under control, he said on the TJM Telegram channel.

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