Elbasy got acquainted with the activities of TOO Kazmedpribor


The first President of Kazakhstan visited an enterprise specializing in the production of medical equipment, medical furniture and medical vehicles.

From 2013 to the present, Kazmedpribor LLP has produced more than 15 thousand units of medical equipment, more than 120 thousand units of medical furniture, 742 ambulances. The company was founded in 2005.

The governor of Shymkent M. Aytenov informed Elbasy about plans to build a multidisciplinary university hospital with 1000 beds at the expense of a private investor. It is planned that the new medical facility will operate a mother and child center, surgical, therapeutic centers, as well as a clinical diagnostic center for 700 visits per shift.

In addition, the chairman of the board of Samruk-Kazyna JSC A. Yesimov reported on the measures taken by the NWF during the pandemic to support the healthcare system and domestic manufacturers. Also, Nursultan Nazarbayev was reported on the progress of the execution of the order for the construction of medical centers in the capital and Almaty.

  1. Yesimov also informed Elbasy about the purchase of the drug "Avifavir" in the amount of 3,000 units and the agreement reached on the supply of a vaccine against coronavirus.

For reference:

The main types of products are: medical vehicles; ventilators (turbine, neonatal, portable); patient monitors; ECG apparatus; laboratory cabinets; functional beds, etc.

Production capacity: medical equipment - 50 thousand units per year; medical furniture - 150 thousand units per year; medical vehicles - 1000 units per year. In addition, the company has mastered the production of new types of products - a turbine ventilator, a syringe pump, an incubator for newborns, a ventilator for newborns. The share of local content is from 51.2 to 98%.

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