Abandoned: The baby was found alive after two days in the woods


Residents of Thailand found a newborn baby in the woods. Just two days after birth, the baby survived without being eaten by predators and poisonous insects in the area. This was reported by Adyrna referring to a source.
The baby was accidentally found by residents of the village of Krabi in the woods, lying on top of banana leaves. The baby was completely naked. Insects and worms walked on the baby. The men, who found him, were afraid to move the baby and immediately called rescuers.

When doctors arrived at the scene, they found several wounds on the baby's body and insect bites. In addition, the girl was not in poor health.

At the moment, the baby is in the hospital and his life is not in danger. Doctors say the girl was born just two days ago. They were amazed that the girl survived, despite the wild animals and poisonous insects in the forest and the weather.

Local police are looking for the man who left the newborn in the woods. However, the lack of surveillance cameras in the forest makes this difficult.

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