The Center for the Development of Children with Disabilities may be closed: Parents are alarmed


Parents of children with disabilities are sounding the alarm in Shakhtinsk, Karaganda region. A child development center may be left without a building. This was reported by the national portal "Adyrna" with reference to Kazinform.

The Development Center for Children with Stuttering, Autism and Down Syndrome has been operating for more than five years. More than 20 children are involved in it. Recently, there was a danger of losing the building where the classes are held. The owners of the center wanted to buy the building. However, the bank refused to give them a loan.

"Banks refuse to lend to us, because our income in previous years was very low. Due to the sanitary requirements of doctors, there were restrictions on the admission of children to the facility, so we could not conduct classes, "said Elena Ratashchuk, head of the development center.

Upon learning of the situation, the parents of the children who came to the center began to sound the alarm. They are asking the city authorities to solve the housing problem. The education department of Shakhtinsk assured that children will not be left on the streets, they will be accepted by state kindergartens. There are more than 200 places for children with special needs. The department of education also said that they are ready to allocate funds for 75 children under the state order. However, a mandatory condition for the center is the availability of a building for classes.

Entrepreneurs earn up to 4 million tenge a month. Accordingly, the state requires that in order to allocate funds to this educational organization, their material and technical base must be created. There are empty buildings in the region, ”said Nikolay Onsovich, the head of the city education department.

National portal "Adyrna"

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