Legendary region - Antalya


One of the most beautiful places in Turkey is Antalya. It is a region with a very deep history. The intersection of great cultures and civilizations. A group of journalists with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism traveled to this wonderful region - Antalya.

Acquaintance with the sea

Today there are direct flights from Almaty to Antalya. We also ordered a ticket from such a direct ticket. We landed in Antalya without getting anywhere and without getting tired of changing planes.

Cleanliness and order began when we left the airport. The waiters handed us antiseptics, masks and other safety items as soon as we got on the bus.

The minibus immediately took us to a restaurant called Arma on the Mediterranean coast. The sea, which stretches for an incredible distance, immediately delighted us with its panorama of mountains, gorges, and lush greenery. As the bus descends to a seaside restaurant, reporters who have chosen their cameras try to capture every beauty. After entering the restaurant, the photo shoot did not stop for a moment. And the story of delicious food is completely different.

The trip to Antalya was full of such unforgettable memories. Everyone must see the wonders of Antalya. Because it is not only a picturesque place, but also a great place with indelible traces of great stories ...

Arman Aubakir,

Almaty - Antalya - Almaty

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