A person equal to Musk: where are you Kazakh Peter?


In 1999, the 18-year-old New Zealand Peter Beck went to the steps that did not work.  the neighbors thought that he  was crazy and relatives changed. He made a laboratory inside the small palace near his house, where he started making a spacecraft engine and fuel. Of course, no one believed his plan.  He was not interested in people's opinion. He wore a protective helper for welding and he worked in his laboratory. One day of the days, neighbors and relatives opened their mouths. He put a small spacecraft engine on a bicycle and he rocketed at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour.

He was an unusual person. At the age of 15 he bought a bicycle from aluminum, bought and repaired and recovered an old, rotten Austin mini car for $ 300 at the age of 16. In despite of his abilities,he washed , cleaned, served in various transport repair centers, pizza places. Once he came to work, he was engaged in the creation of the spacecraft engines in their interests. Thus, he spent his days.
In 2006, His wife was invited to work for the United States for a month. Peter thought it was an opportunity. So they both came to the United States. Peter visited companies that have taken into account space and airspace, such as NASA, Boeing, Rocketdyne. The purpose was to find a job. But he couldn't find the job. And Peter told that they were out of date. According to him, space ships should be cheaper to fly to the space.

"Humanity cannot fully develop space, if missiles are light and not fly every day," Peter said. He told and came back to New Zealand and built his company. The company today is known to the public as Rocket LAB. He informed the Government of the country, they trusted Peter.
Then he searched a sponsor for his laboratory to receive high-tech devices based on high-tech equipment. One day, a Mark saw an interview from TV. Mark was a billionaire. He agreed to help Peter. Thus, Peter did the first rocket in 2009 and called it "ATEA-1". "Atea" means "space" in the language of New Zealand people . There was a rocket, the sponsor was found, and now he needed a place to be launched. The owner ,Michael Fay agreed to give the earth . There was only one condition. He chose sausages as cargo. "I wanted to eat the sausage returned from the space," he later said in one interview. The first test was successful. "We are in the space, new Zealand "Peter shouted.

It has been over ten years since then. Today, the child's dream, which began in the palace, has become one of the world-class companies. Its revenue exceeded $ 1 billion. For example, Spacex will pay $ 50 million for space flight, and Rocket LAB - $ 5 million. Ten times less. Of course, the rocket Lab's weight is several times less. The Rocket LAB's apartment building, created by Peter Beck, is located on the US Huntington Bach. It is beneficial to attract investment.
According to Peter, all space areas remain less accessible to all mankind. It can now be no longer needed. Rocket LAB also tests that can be used multiple-consuming missiles, such as Elon Musk.
Askhat Kasengali,
The national portal "Adyrna"
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