Sabit Rysbayev: There are people whose daily incomes are less than a watermelon's price


In Astana, 1 kg of watermelon or watermelon costs 250-260 tenge. The average one costs 2,000 tenge, and the larger one costs 3,000 tenge. It is a little difficult for a person like me, who has a permanent job. I have a familiar man in Shymkent.

I phoned him. He told that he had a job for 2,500 a day in a constructing company. Then that man's daily income will be less than 1 watermelon. Although the minimum wage in the country is 42,500, the tax deduction,so it is 37,400. In our country, "some mammals" probably estimate that a family's provision can be  37,400 tenge for standard of living . Otherwise, they would have told that the minimum wage would have to be at least 100,000 tenge. Even in war-torn Ukraine, the minimum wage has quadrupled in the past five years to more than 100,000 tenge.

Earlier, the President told that world food prices had risen for 40%. He did not say how much it was in our country. Inflation is 7.9%. I think that we had the same inflation level in our country. What are we doing against it? What is the task not to increase food prices? As world prices rise, so do ours. The problem is our low income. What we rely on is not more than food. Meat prices are rising every day. It's scary to think. We don't need to invent a new thing. We need a law. Every man must be obeyed equally. In minimum, people  should be prosecuted for corruption and their resort life in prison should be stopped. Otherwise, no one is afraid to corrupt and go to the prison for 1-2 years.

Sabit Rysbayev,

National portal "Adyrna"

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