Clinton, who fell in love with Monica, almost lost the throne


Clinton-Levinskaya dispute in the United States
Former United States President Bill Clinton was in love with young Monica Lewinskaya. That was in 1995. Clinton met Monica during a public meeting. What was the strength of this girl who attracted the President of the United States ...
At first sight, Clinton was 49 years old and Monica was 22 years old. Monica was 27 years younger than Clinton. The young girl can not hide her love for the President of the United States. He considered it a tragedy in the lives of me and my parents and friends. Clinton apologized to the American people for this relationship.
Interestingly, the first lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton, surprised Americans by saying that she fully supported her husband's move. "My husband is the president of the United States, and this girl inspires my husband in his personal life and career," she said.
Republicans in the US Senate, aware of Clinton's relationship with Monica, have already impeached the president. The impeachment was put to a vote on January 7, 1999. Fortunately for Clinton, the impeachment did not result in the removal of the president. Pure love wins. In the end, Monica said that if the 22-year-old returned, I would not want the same thing to happen again. Because the American media was very pleased with Monica.
Russian gossip sites have been spreading the story for years, as if they had found seven rabbits on the ground.

Bekbolat Karzhan,
National portal "Adyrna"

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