Russia could be cut by another round of US and EU sanctions


German politician Herman Obukhov, the head of the Stop Inform Terror of Russia Foundation, has spread alarming information. According to him, in the future, Russia may disintegrate from the next economic sanctions of the United States and the European Union and split into eight states. This was stated by a Russian politician.
In an interview with Obozrevatel TV, the Russian politician said he was worried about the future of the country, noting that Russia was on the bridge.
"Go to Dagestan, go to Chechnya, go to all other regions of Russia, everything is in crisis. The country's budget has been stolen, looted and the social situation is very tense. This will decide the fate of Putin. The fate of the former Soviet Union awaits Russia," he said.
German Obukhov says Russia's current political system will only last until 2025, and I can't say what will happen after that. The politician will never be able to compare President Joe Biden with Trump. He said Biden's anti-Russian policies were already tough.
The United States only yesterday persuaded Germany to withdraw from the North Stream-2 project and barred about 120 engineering contractors from participating in the project. On the one hand, the arrival of a person with a negative attitude to Russia in the United States is also beneficial for the German leadership . Ukraine was also excluded from the gas pipeline. In my opinion, Kazakhstan and Belarus within the Eurasian Union should be able to split the burden on Russia.

Bekbolat Karzhan,
Translated by:the national portal "Adyrna"

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