No one believed that Turkish companies would achieve such success


Turkish arms and medical technology company Aselsan exported $ 400 million worth of products to more than 20 countries in 2020. This is a record in the history of the company. At the end of 2020, it signed an agreement with another country for $ 38 million.

NATO countries are also consumers of Aselsan products. This, of course, is not a major achievement for the company on a global scale. But 20 years ago, it was unthinkable to believe that Turkish companies such as Aselsan, Bayraktar, and Roketsan would achieve such success. At that time, people spent 1 million liras on public toilets, and there was no water in apartment buildings in Istanbul, and people were carrying water in cans. But it is gradually increasing. The main thing is that they can do it.
In fact, the potential of Kazakhstan, the opportunity of young people who have studied in civilized countries, is not enough for the United States and Europe, but it is enough to catch up and even overtake. Our young people are open-minded, free-thinking, fluent in several languages. Kazakh youth can do the same if the policy is turned towards state support, the right strategy, social situation and technocratic consciousness. If one technocratic company shines with a real result, the technocratic boom will pave the way for the next initiatives. Why we do not use this drive of youth, it is a mystery to me.
And the land is vast. The population is small. There are a lot of natural resources. We have two big neighbors on both sides.  international politics are changing. We live in a time of rapid geopolitical change. When will multi-vector policy help? We are losing time on the scale of state interests.

In our 500-year history, we have never shone in the technocratic sphere. Our contribution to human development is small. Due to the lack of technology, we are a country that has been forced to take up arms and fight against guns, and is constantly under pressure. This gap needs to be filled. It is necessary to learn from historical mistakes. In the end, we come to this. Either now or later. But we will come. The big question is which president of Kazakhstan will do it. It must come to an end at a time when there is enough political interest. The question is under which president it happens. That president will have a special name in the history of the country. And whether or not to do so depends on the personality and potential of the politician.
You can play the dombra and sing without doing it. It is not difficult to find a thousand excuses to justify it. We are not talked about. But in the interests of the state, this will not be an effective way for us. The biggest mistake in technology is to lose time. Others have already made progress.

Translated by:national portal "Adyrna"

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