What do the eyes say? (psychological test)


The eye is the mirror of the soul. In fact, they can say a lot about you. Shall we check? If so, choose one of the lights in the picture above without thinking. Do not read the answers until you have made a choice.
1. Your main feature is openness
You can open your heart to anyone and paint. Dead, ready to give everything he has. You often take risks. You never show your fears or insecurities to others. You try to solve your own problem, but you are always ready to help others.
2. Your main quality is honesty
You are a person who likes to leave a positive impression and always try to do everything right. You don't tell others that you are suffering, you are closed. You dedicate your life to your family, not to yourself.
3. You are the fighter
You are still searching for your world. Sometimes you are very ashamed of your past. You are one of those people who can easily get out of a deadlock.
4. Without a philosopher
You are one of those people who thinks deeply. Sometimes you will find answers to your questions, but after a while you will start looking for new puzzles. Your world is an infinite puzzle. You always want to create interesting moments in life.
5. Mysterious
You still don't understand who you are and what you want. Still, keep searching! Your mood changes every day, sometimes several times a day.
Usually, you don't talk at all and don't like to talk about yourself. And when someone else talks about his life, you listen carefully.
6. Insensitive
You are a person who notices everything and never forgets anything. Thanks to this, you live in a special harmony with the world. It is easy to make you happy and sad. However, you hide your tenderness from the outside world. Most people think you're "too loud." In general, you are positively inanimate and expect only good from life. If something new and incomprehensible appears in the world, you want to be the first to know about it.
7. The strong are lifeless
Your energy is limitless. However, you often get anxious. You want to live a simple life. You love sincerely or you hate sincerely. You can comment on any issue.
8. You have unusual behavior
Without a person with special interests and beliefs. You are not accustomed to following traditions, rules, laws. Usually you do not hide anything from others. You want to find people like you. That's what makes you different.
9. Without attention
Very smart. You are always trying to learn new things. You can tell what a person is thinking or feeling by the way he or she looks, not by the way he or she speaks. If he cheats, you will immediately feel it. You do not reveal your identity to those around you.

Prepared by: Diana Asan,
Translated by:national portal "Adyrna"

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