In Kazakh customs there is a concept of zhol-zhoralgy. It is a gift given as a gift, done in accordance with the work of each person, ancestry, kinship. There are many ways to do this. For example, there is a way to show the honored guest, hero, poet, countrymen, and in-laws for the first time.  Other people around them will not go unnoticed. Such gifts include horses, belts, harnesses, weapons, thick carpets, beaver hats, dombra, and silver whips. The way is also indicated by order, by giving turns, for example: blessing, bas ustatu(giving  besbarmak with the head of  a ship), sitting high. During the besikke salu(putting the baby in a cradle), the way is given to the mother –in-laws or the women of another tribe. The young poet gives way to the older poet, the young wrestler to the main wrestler, the guy to the girl, because there is a saying that "a girl's path is narrow". Young people give way to the elder one. The Kazakhs call rude and unethical things: zholsyz is "out of path."(incoincidence with tradition)

In general, a young Kazakh doesn’t do anything without keeping the way of tradition. The daily meeting in the country and the following rules of respect start from this zhol-zhoralgy tradition(i.e. zhol alu, zhol beru, zhoralgy zhasau,zhon zhosyk and etc.)

There is a Kazakh saying:  "A shawl is not a garment, but there will be a blessing way". Pieces of advice of Kazakh people. "Be respectful, you should be able to show the way of respect, and your wisdom." The Kazakhs prayed:"Oh my God, even if you stumble on my knees, don't stumble on my tongue, even if I fall off a horse, don’t fall me off my path!"  The Kazakhs keep in mind that they must not deviate from the accepted righteous path or otherwise it will be dishonesty.

The famous Sharke of Arka was angry with Genghis Tore. During one of his travels, Genghis came to his village with a group of servants to embarrass poor Shark. As Sharke was about to slaughter the lone galloping horse for the dinner table, Genghis ran and apologized, saying, "Don't kill the quickest racehorse." "If I kill, the horse will die, if I don't, the Sharke will die," he said. Here is a great example of generosity.

The Kazakhs considered that the deviation from the road of their ancestors would be equal to  death. Zhol-zhoralgy(or zhon zhoralgy) is a noble tradition that tests the civic and national character of each person. "While coming as a guest to a new married family, the Kazakhs gave a horse(sogym) as a present for winter eating ( sogym)" S. Zhunusov wrote.

Therefore, all the traditions of life, all the customs of life are created through this ritual. The ability to follow the path is a strong foundation of high morality and national wisdom.

The material is taken from https://bilim-all.kz/article/2762

Translated by: Nagima Bazarkizi

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