Sandy Beksirga opened a fashion studio in Istanbul


Kazakhstani make-up artist and make-up artist Sandy Beksyr has opened her own fashion studio in Istanbul, Turkey, the national portal Adyrna reports.

The make-up artist wrote about this on his Instagram page and sent a warm greeting to his readers.

"Girls, real dreams come true! I believe in her. I had a wonderful meeting, a new wonderful world-class citizen! Don't forget to leave a comment," she told Turkish star Mustafa Sandal.

Famous singers Shahizada and Kamshat Zholdabayeva and others attended the opening of the new makeup artist's fashion studio.

It should be noted that Sandy Beksyrga's studio consists of a school and a salon. The school has an international status, many students work all over the world. He will teach you how to make a professional make-up in 10 days.

To date, Sandy has become a personal make-up artist for Kazakhstani singer Dimash Kudaibergen and German singer C.C.Catch.


National portal "Adyrna".

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