A 10-year-old boy was beaten in a children's camp in Urals

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Фото: Мой город
Фото: Мой город

A 10-year-old boy was beaten in a children's camp in Ural. The local Moi Gorod publication wrote about it, the national portal "Adyrna" reported.

According to information, the resident of the city sent his 10-year-old son with his sister to the "Atameken" children's camp on June 10.

"In the first days, I went to see the children, it was forbidden to use the phone in the camp. Anyway, my daughter found a phone from a boy and called me on June 14 and told me that her brother was beaten in the camp. I took the children in the evening, I thought they didn't like the camp. At that time, the director of the camp took my son away. When he came home, my son showed bruises on his body. He had bruises on his legs, arms and body. He said that 8-10 children were beaten in the gymnasium and on the field. I do not blame the children - they are children. My question is to the management of the camp, to the ministry, which was obliged to receive the children and take care of them: how did such a situation happen? How did you allow this to happen?" - says the boy's father.

On June 15, the man went to the traumatologist with his son, registered many hematomas and filed a complaint with the police. It should be noted that this happened on June 15. According to the man, no one has initiated the case. Only after hiring a lawyer did the case begin.

11 days later, on the evening of June 26, the police sent a referral for a forensic examination.

"They gave it on the evening of June 26, and before we went, the examination would be conducted until 4:00 p.m., but we didn't make it. We passed the next day. "As far as I understand, there were many people trying to close this case, trying to persuade me not to complain anywhere," he says.

In the meantime, the press service of the WK Police Department reported that this incident was registered on June 15, 2024 in the Ural police station. In this case, the police officers conducted measures to determine the culprits and the cause of the incident. At the moment, it was reported that a decree on the appointment of a forensic medical examination will be issued, and based on its conclusion, a legal assessment will be given to this incident. In order to organize the inspection, a proposal was made to the Department of Education of the city of Urals.

The Department of Education of WKH also commented on the incident.

"Disciplinary punishment was applied to the leader of the detachment and the educator for not conducting educational work among minors at an adequate level. The manager was fired. By order of the Ural city education department, the acting director of the "Atameken" camp was disciplined in the form of a "reprimand" for not properly performing his duties, for violating the rules of internal order during the organization of summer vacations and ensuring the safety of children, the report says.