A film will be made about Zhoshy Khan and a monument will be built

Adyrna.kz Telegram
Фото: Ғаламтор желісінен
Фото: Ғаламтор желісінен

Information has spread that a film would be made about Zhoshy Khan and a monument will be built, the correspondent of "Adyrna" reports referring to Ulysmedia.

On the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the Great Zoshi, the issue of shooting a full-length feature film about Zoshi and the historical TV series "Altyn Orda" is being worked out. This was stated by the head of the government in his answer to the deputies.

Documentary and feature films, TV series about the history of the Golden Horde and Joshi Khan, construction of a monument are ongoing within the framework of this plan.

In addition, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education announced that it is developing a seven-volume academic publication entitled "History of Kazakhstan from ancient times to the present" using newly identified sources in foreign and domestic archives and libraries.