Akzhayik honored the poet

Adyrna.kz Telegram

A wonderful meeting with poet, teacher, comforter Uzildyk Yelubaeva took place in the city of Oral. The hero of the evening is a veteran teacher who has dedicated 42 years of his conscious life to the education of the generation, the winner of the medal "For meritorious service", who turned 70 this year. Before that, a similar event was held in the regional universal scientific library named after Zhuban Moldagaliyev and in the Akzhayik district. In addition, he expressed his gratitude to the staff of the Kadyr Palace and talked about his life and creativity.

Akzhayik country has honor and prestige, and still knows the sadness of rural and urban people without dismounting. T. Ghabdushev, the head of the Department of Culture, Language Development and Archives of the BKO, congratulated the owner of the party, made a souvenir and covered his shoulder with a garment with a Kazakh pattern.