Millions of corruption. The current minister refers to the former minister

1891 Telegram

Minister of Education Gani Beysembayev expressed his opinion about corruption in the field of education, the national portal "Adyrna" reported.

After the government meeting, journalists told the minister, "Recently, heads of education departments or education departments in Almaty or Turkestan regions have been arrested for corruption of hundreds of millions of tenge. There are even people who committed suicide among them. Doesn't this world bother you? Doesn't corruption in the field of education prevent quality education for children? Do you not consider yourself guilty in this matter?' he asked.

"Education and corruption, as you know in general, are incompatible concepts. That is why last year, together with the anti-corruption agency, we started a full study of the issues in this field. A road map was developed in that direction, and I had several meetings and seminars with the heads of the school and education department and education department. That's why many cases are being identified now, that is, mistakes made since 2020 are occurring. This is our joint work. In general, there should be no corruption in the name of corruption in this field, there should be cleanliness. Therefore, we should all work together in this direction," said the minister. .

Askhat Aimagambetov was appointed Minister of Education and Science on June 13, 2019. Therefore, Ghani Beysembayev seemed to accuse Askhat Aimagambetov, saying that "mistakes made since 2020 are happening."