Domestic brand. The appetite of "Falcon" that did not fly, "Tulpar" that did not come out and "Komagai".

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In Kazakhstan, there are few machines produced under the local name. Some of them have been working steadily since Soviet times, while others have been opened and closed. The product has a name and no substance. We have listed some of them.


"Baldyrgan" is a tricycle for children. The bicycle has been manufactured since 2010 at the Metal Products Factory in Karaganda. Since 1968, this factory has been producing products for children: children's bicycles, strollers, sledges, and various cargo carts. "Baldyrgan" bicycle was awarded the title of "White Star of Quality" in Mexico and received an international quality certificate.

"Nomad" is a two-wheeled bicycle produced by the domestic company "MERIDA-KZ". The company "MERIDA-KZ" started the production of bicycles in 2007. Produces more than 28 models of two-wheeled vehicles, from children's, city models to MTV-pro and VMH levels.


In 1996, the "Tulpar" automobile plant signed an agreement with the Kazakh "Dostyk-Interavto" and the South Korean LG International Kia Sportage model - the Kazakh model of the "Tulpar" car - 40,000 copies per year. It is said that Kazakhstan will finance 60 percent of the 1 million US dollars to be invested in the project.

In April 1997, the first "Tulpar" was presented to the then President Nursultan Nazarbayev. The "Tulpar" gifted to the president was assembled from parts imported from South Korea at the Kazakhstan-South Korea joint venture "Dostyk-Interavto" at the machine plant in Almaty. However, in 1998, the factory was closed. And it is not said where the "Tulpar" presented to Nazarbayev is now...


"Sunkar" is a type of four-seater aircraft to be manufactured by "Sunkar" plant in Karaganda. Main flight technical characteristics: length of the aircraft - 7.15 m, wingspan - 12.1 m, wingspan - 14.1 sq.m, effective load weight - 500 kg, take-off weight - 1520 kg, power - 250 hp ., operating speed - 125-130 km/h, maximum speed - 200 km/h, productivity - 120 ha/h, flight duration - 1000 km.
The "Farmer" plane was also supposed to be produced at the "Sunkar" plant for the needs of agriculture.

However, the future fate of Sunkar plant, which was opened in 2011, is unknown. It is known that only the skeleton of the "Farmer" plane was made two years after the opening of the plant.

Who knows, if this factory was producing tens of thousands a year, as it was reported at the beginning, it would have been proudly talked about at government meetings to this day?! Compared to that, it seems that the "Falcons" can't recover and the "Farmers" are stuck. It is interesting that it is not yet known about the inquiry and trial of the money spent on it.


"Komagai" is a tool for cutting fodder necessary for animal husbandry. The tool is manufactured by "Komagai" company, which produces agricultural equipment in Almaty.
"Komagai" chops fodder, grass, barley and wheat between 220V and 380V. This company has been on the market since 2009.

The product range of this company exceeds 200 units. The main products are universal hay, straw cutters, grain crushers, milking machines, electric fences, necessary for all livestock farms in Kazakhstan and beyond.

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