"Arys": officials who embezzled funds allocated for the pandemic were convicted

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Six employees of the department of employment and social programs were convicted in the city of Arys, Turkestan region. They were accused of embezzling funds allocated for food and household needs due to the state of emergency and restrictions during the pandemic. "Adyrna" national portal informed about this.

According to the Arys District Court, among the six accused are the head of the city employment and social programs department and his deputy, the chief specialist and accountant of the aid sector and his two assistants. They were convicted for looting 120 millions tenge allocated to low-income residents. During the court session, it was revealed that the officials illegally transferred 2,900,400 tenge allocated as aid to 29 citizens during the pandemic.

"It was found that 138 citizens of Arys city, most of whom are their relatives and acquaintances, transferred money without reason and illegally. The total amount of 123,493,688 tenge caused material damage to the state," the court said.

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