The Eurasian Union and China will jointly issue a new currency


The participants of the economic dialogue noted that "a new stage of monetary and financial cooperation between the EAEU and China. Global Transformation: Challenges and Solutions, ”Adyrna reports.

The economic dialogue was held on March 11 via video conference. The organizers were the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) and the People's University of China (RDCY).

The Russian delegation was introduced by the EEC Minister for Integration and Macroeconomics, Sergey Glazyev, and the Chinese delegation was introduced by Wang Wen, Dean of the RDCI Financial Institute.

The new monetary system is expected to be based on the new international currency. The exchange rate will be calculated as an index of national currencies and commodity prices of the participating countries. The first draft will be submitted for discussion by the end of March.

"Given the common challenges and risks associated with the slowdown in the global economy and restrictive measures against the EAEU member states and China, our countries should intensify practical cooperation both at the level of regular expert dialogues and in the field of joint activities and projects," Glazyev said.

The economic dialogue was also attended by RDCY Chief Economist Liao Qing, former ADB Energy Sector Development Team and Senior Adviser of Tencent IT Strategy Development Department Zhai Yongping and Senior Research Fellow at RDCY Financial Research Institute John Ross. Andrey Gaidamaka, Member of the Corporate Governance Advisory Board of the Bank of Russia, Alexander Ageyev, former Vice President of Lukoil, Yuri Tavrovsky, Director of the Institute of Economic Strategies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Mikhail Ershov, Professor of the Peoples' Friendship University, University of Finance under the Russian Government .

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