Free food card will be introduced


Majilis deputy Amanzhan Zhamalov stressed the need for high inflation indexation of pensions and benefits, as well as the introduction of a food card for low-income families, the national portal "Adyrna" reports with reference to

"According to official statistics, inflation was 8.4 percent last year. Real inflation is much higher. There is no need to be deceived. Utility bills make Kazakhstanis want to go back to the old days. According to a survey conducted by the National Bank, 58% of the population believe that prices have risen by 16-20% or more, "Zhamalov said in a parliamentary address to the Prime Minister.

He reminded that the Government has introduced a moratorium on the regulation of prices for liquefied gas, gasoline and diesel for 180 days, regulation of prices for socially important food products, a 180-day increase in utility tariffs.

"Today, food is the main contributor to inflation in the world. Kazakhstan is still dependent on imports of food products, which will continue to rise in price. Imports of food products in Kazakhstan exceed 3 billion US dollars.

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