The Minister congratulated Bibisara Asaubaeva on her victory


17-year-old chess player Bibisara Asaubaeva won a gold medal at the World Blitz Championship in Poland. Minister of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan Aktoty Raiymkulova congratulated him on his victory on social networks, the national portal "Adyrna" reports.

"Dear Bibisara Erhanovna! You have become the youngest world champion in the history of world chess! Congratulations on your great victory! At the age of 17 you became the winner of the blitz and won the World Championship among adults. This is the first time in the history of Kazakhstan.

Your victories will cause great admiration, respect and love! You have glorified your Motherland - the Republic of Kazakhstan through your achievements! I wish you new victories at the world championships! I wish you good health, energy and patience. Let the name of the glorious Kazakh girl be written in golden letters in the history of world chess! "The Minister wrote.

It should be noted that earlier the Kazakh athlete became the world champion in classical chess among girls under 8, 10, 12 and 14 years, the world champion among schoolchildren under 7, 9 years. Also, 17-year-old B.Asaubaeva recently performed brilliantly and won the 2nd place in rapid (chess) at the World Championship.


National portal "Adyrna".

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