Tokayev awarded Kurmet Talapkazy with the medal "Halyk algysy"


This year, Kurmet Talapkazy, who united volunteers due to the drought in the western regions of the country and made a significant contribution to the supply of fodder to those regions, was awarded the Medal of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev "Halyk Algysy", Adyrna reports citing

According to the press service of the Turkestan oblast akimat, the award was presented to Kurmet Talapkazy by the head of the Turkestan oblast department of social development Ansar Usserbayev.

Noting that patriotism is an example for young people, the head of the department presented him with a souvenir and noted that the hardworking people of Turkestan region have always supported good initiatives. The citizen was told that the country has a special interest.

As earlier reported, activists wrote on social media that Kurmet Talapkazy, who helped the drought-stricken Mangistau region this summer, should be honored on Independence Day.

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