50 best scientists of Kazakhstan received awards of 6 millions tenge


The results of the "Best Researcher - 2021" award have been announced. The winners were 50 scientists from research institutes and universities. Each of them will receive a certificate and remuneration in the amount of 2000 MCI, ie 5 million 834 thousands tenge.

President of the country K.K. Tokayev pays special attention to supporting scientists. On behalf of the President, this year about 500 scientists have been awarded scholarships for internships, as well as 1,000 grants for young scientists for postdoctoral studies. Another event in support of scientists by the President was the awarding of the annual "Best Researcher". It is aimed at supporting scientists and researchers who have made a significant contribution to the development of science and technology.

"On behalf of the President, the Ministry of Education and Science pays special attention to the support of scientists and research organizations, employees of higher and postgraduate education. This year, for the first time, the Ministry has established an award for the best scientists of the country. Applications for participation in the competition were accepted through an information system created specifically for this competition and automatically with scores on eight criteria. This ensured the openness and transparency of the competition. Criteria for evaluating scientific achievements were developed in collaboration with the scientific and expert community. All participants of the competition were able to see their scores during the application period. They were considered by the commission and expert groups checked the compliance of the submitted documents with the approved criteria in sections. The commission and the group of experts included leading scientists, independent experts, representatives of government agencies, members of the Council of Young Scientists and the Alliance of Young Scientists, "said Zhanna Kurmangaliyeva, Chairwoman of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science.

In total, 575 applications were received for participation in the competition in 7 areas. Participants included scientists in the natural sciences, engineering and technology, medicine and health, social sciences and humanities, agricultural and veterinary sciences, military sciences and national security. As a result, the Commission decided to award 50 scientists from 6 research institutes and 16 universities with the "Best Researcher-2021" award.

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