30 families had houses in Aksu district


It is 30 years since the dawn of freedom in the Holy Land. This place has a special place. Achieved the freedom that our ancestors longed for, every corner of Kazakhstan is expanding and developing every day. This is evidenced by the fact that for 30 years, 30 private houses in Aksu have been handed over to needy families.

These houses with a total cost of 503.913 million tenge are provided to those who are in the queue for housing with the right of long-term lease.
However, it is also a great joy. A support for a person who has moved from apartment to apartment.
A mayor of the district Esim Bazarkhanov handed over the keys to the house.

In his congratulatory speech, he told that all this was the sweet fruit of Independence and a good deed done for the benefit of the people.

National portal"Adyrna"

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