"Bow to the native land" in Almaty region


In all Nazarbayev Intellectual schools of the country the local history research expedition "Bow to the native land" has started.

NIS Taldykorgan students went on an expedition to the Almaty region.

The first object of research was the 17th century Buddhist monument "Tekeli Stela". Participants got acquainted with the history of the spread of Buddhism in Kazakhstan. They also visited the gorge of Dzungarian Alatau "Kora", the length of which is about 70 kilometers.

NIS students visited Taldykorgan and in the apple orchards of the city of Tekeli. During the expedition they got acquainted with the history of the origin of valuable varieties of apples Zhetysu, such as "Senap", "Sunrise", "Golden Superior", "Lazarevskoe", "Quinti".

How to build a business and implement their ideas, guys learned at the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty region. They had the opportunity to attend business training on the basics of entrepreneurship.

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