Facebook representative: Kazakhstan was the first in Central Asia to join the CRS system


George Chen, Meta (formerly Facebook) Regional Director for Public Relations in China, Central Asia and Mongolia, said that Kazakhstan was the first country in Central Asia to have access to CRS's internal system, Adyrna reports citing Kazinform.

“Meta has a special online channel (Content Reporting System (CRS)) where governments around the world can report content that violates local laws. Kazakhstan has become part of that CRS system, ”George Chen wrote on his official Facebook page.

Earlier, Kazinform reported that the Ministry of Information and Social Development of Kazakhstan and Facebook have agreed to work closely on the protection of children's rights on the Internet to combat harmful content. The Government of Kazakhstan has been given direct access to the internal Content Reporting System (CRS) to assist Facebook in addressing security and enhancing the information space. Allows you to promptly report content that contains violations.

On October 28, the Facebook team conducted a training for the ministry's specialists on working with the "content notification system", as well as on Facebook's content policy and community standards. From the beginning of November, the ministry will start working in this system. Both sides agreed to establish a permanent mechanism of interaction, including a permanent mechanism to identify an authorized representative from the regional office of Facebook, which works closely with the Ministry on various aspects. “The Content Notification System (CRS) is an internal information system used by Meta to send content notifications that violate both the global content policy on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the national legislation of the countries that have access to the system.

The CRS system provides a direct link to the international team of Meta (Facebook) responsible for content policy for the authorities of the world, and hereinafter the Republic of Kazakhstan. The use of CRS will increase the speed of measures taken to eliminate malicious content and, in general, the effectiveness of ongoing work to combat the spread of illegal content on Facebook and Instagram.

National portal "Adyrna"

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