We barely deliver our money for food - a trader


A bag in a cart, goods in a bag. Many of us are interested in the lives of our sisters-traders from rural areas, the source of income in trade. A correspondent of "Adyrna" inquired about the condition of our sister Raya, who earns her daily income in a wheelchair, traveling from village to village and earning a living.

- Aunt Raya, how long have you been in this business?

- I have been trading for more than 10 years. Initially, I only sold underwear and socks. Maybe our prices are in line with the conditions of the population, but the demand for other goods has increased since they became cheaper. Mothers in the village cannot go to many places and markets with their household chores.  After all, our trade is run by women.

- Where do you get your goods from?

- Most of my clothes are made in Uzbekistan and Bishkek. When I go to my country, Uzbekistan, I buy goods. Later, when I come to this country, I will try to sell. Like any trader, I want my things to be sold. But what to do. I mean,it is not like before. Many do not.

- What is your daily income?

- Some people trade for 3-4 thousands tenge at a time. Some people take only one or two socks. To be honest, it's different. But we also have goods, we have to cross the border, we have money for the trip. Enough for the children, thank you. However, we can hardly afford to spend our money on food.

- How was your trade during quarantine? Did the whole country stay at home and the people took the clothes from you without going anywhere?

- Where are you, my daughter? We too are ordinary people. We also need a soul. In quarantine, we obeyed the law and stayed at home. The border is closed, there are no goods. If there is no goods, if there is no trade, where is the income?

-Be successful in your business , sister! Thank you for your answers!

Interviewer: Dina LITPIN,

National portal "Adyrna"

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