"They ask 150 thousands tenge for a one-room house": rent in Almaty has risen sharply


This year, along with housing prices in the country, rents have risen sharply. Over the past month, the cost of renting an apartment in Almaty, where there is a mass influx of students, has increased by 2-3 times. Young people and their parents are protesting on social media, saying that they can not afford such a sum.

According to 4th year student Krymzy Skendirova, price and quality are not proportional to each other.

"Prices for rental apartments have doubled. Earlier it was not difficult to find an apartment for 80-90 thousands tenge. At present, prices start at 150 thousands and go up to 200,300 thousands. This is difficult for students with 20-30 thousand scholarships.
It is known that homeowners do not pay taxes like other businesses, but it is not clear why prices are so high. Price and quality are not proportional to each other. Many homeowners do not like students. The school year is about to begin, and students are worried that they will be left homeless, not the school, ”she said.

This opinion was supported by a student of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Eliza Nurakhyman.

"The price of a rented apartment does not correspond to the condition of the house. It's ugly if its location meets the criteria of area! Many now ask for the value of gold house. Not to mention the prices in Bostandyk, Medeu and Almaly districts. To be honest, the pandemic in the country is not easy for anyone. It is very difficult for young people who have just come to the big city in pursuit of their dreams. It seems that the people should be united and kind. Instead of supporting each other, we grieve for each other, ”he said.

Homeowners say that the rise in prices is due to high demand.

"The pandemic was a heavy blow for us. Last year we lost our income and could not pay our mortgage. This year, students have moved to traditional education, and the demand for apartments is growing. Accordingly, the price is high. Now everything is more expensive. So there is no need to be surprised. After the students are given an apartment, his condition worsens. Then it is necessary to make repairs. Understand us as well, ”Samat Khairullaevich said.

Currently, students are accustomed to this situation and have no choice but to rent an apartment together. It is clear that the peak prices will not fall in the next month or two.

It's worth noting that Almaty, Nur-Sultan and Aktau are the most expensive cities for renting apartments.

National portal "Adyrna"

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