A new subject will appear in schools of Kazakhstan


"Almagul Mukhamedkhanova, vice-president of the National Academy of Education named after Y. Altynsarin says that now schools will teach children to play the dombra", Adyrna correspondent reports.

He noted that such a subject should be introduced from the sixth grade. The curriculum is currently being tested, and then it will be sent to all educational institutions.

"National values ​​are very important. We must not only love our country, but also build our nation as a person who is devoted to it and promotes the ideas and values ​​of our people and country. But this does not mean that everyone should learn this subject sooner. It all depends on school readiness and resources. Almagul Mukhamedkhanova said at the August conference on education in the capital.

According to him, this is especially true for classes taught in the Kazakh language.

Earlier, the governor of the capital Altai Kulginov told how schoolchildren will study in the new school year. According to him, all educational institutions are connected to the Open, and teachers are vaccinated.

National portal "Adyrna"

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