Change your life: how does Gestalt therapy or the vacant chair method work?


One of the most popular methods in Gestalt therapy and practice is the "empty seat" method. It is a well-known and very popular exercise among practitioners. How it works?

In this powerful experiment, you sit in a chair in front of an empty chair. Here you can imagine a living being that is important to you or that has made your life difficult. You think he is sitting in front of you. This may be related to past events, your current life or future situation, or the people you want to meet (for example, your future spouse or future son or daughter). Or there may be someone in your past life who has hurt you, left you a resentment.

An object can be anything, not just a person. For example:

one aspect of your personality (for example, something you don't like),
physical appearance (eg, persistent headache) or appearance (possibly protruding ears),
your house, your job, an accident,
behavioral stereotypes (unmotivated aggression, desire for control)
your goal or desire, for example, to be rich and beautiful.
Today, the Gestalt method is used by many therapists around the world.

If you do not have any of the above problems, but you think you need psychotherapy, you can always contact a Gestalt therapist to determine if you need this method. The key elements are the re-establishment of the ability of the bereaved to live a full life now, a happy and full recovery, and the dispersal of past grievances . The main principles of Gestaltism are based on this.

When you sit in a chair and vividly imagine a person or object sitting in front of you, you are talking to him personally. Undoubtedly, this story evokes different emotions and reactions. During the conversation, you may be asked questions that express thoughts and feelings that you have hidden but want to share, and so on.

At the same time, during the vacancy technique, the psychologist will ask you to change roles. In other words, you take on the role of the opposite person or object, and while being in that role, you look at yourself in a different chair. Now you are talking to yourself - in terms of a person or thing in an empty chair.

The point of the technique is that everything you think while sitting in the opposite chair is definitely important to you. "Unjustified Gestalt" - you try to find solutions to previously unresolved issues, questions that are stored in your memory. It also tends to reveal emotions or personal qualities that you have rejected, ignored, or tried to deny. At the end of the exercise, you take a fresh look at yourself and the person, situation, or thing you encounter at work.

One of the best results is your personal growth, relief, forgetting the past. Any conflict you experience consists of your personal views, expectations, memories (accurate or inaccurate), feelings and judgments about the situation. All these opinions are inside you - and you have the strength and responsibility to resolve this internal conflict.

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