Where do you sit? (psychological test)


Before reading the text, look at the picture above. Choose the chair closest to you that you want to sit on. Read the description of the chair according to your choice and get to know yourself.

1. "Entrepreneur" chair. You are a very strong and hardworking person. You can work on a difficult and complex project from morning till night. You are taking a risk. Whatever decision you make, you are only trying to see the good in it. Someone who sees you thinks you are hardworking, and they are not mistaken. But you are different from other hard-working people because of your unconditional love for your work. You don't stop until you finish what you have in mind.

2. "Spiritual mentor" seat. You are calm and compassionate. You can dedicate one day to someone who needs your help. Your soul is rich in charity and kindness. For you, a real person is a person who can help others. You can see that the phrase "in the human world" does not suit you. Because the happier you are, the more generous you are. Only you can calm the soul, which can never be patient.

3. "Inventor" chair. You have a lot of energy and you are the best. You can stay up all day to develop new and fresh projects and ideas. You always like to invent new things. You want to try anything at work or at other times. You will be recognized as a person who is boring at first sight. It may be so, but your ideas have never bored anyone. You love to spend a lot of time trying to figure out the secrets of things.

4. "Critic" chair. You are elegant and very well brought up. You can entertain your guests all day long and make them smile with funny jokes. You want to show that you are the best person in the world. You want everyone to see you as a unique person. The first person to see you may think you are arrogant and sometimes a little arrogant. Admit it, you have contributed to this idea. You choose the quality of everything, you only want the best.

5. "Psychologist" chair. You want to know everything, your demands are like a mountain. You have a lot of questions in life, you try to find answers to everything. If someone tells you how to live, you are ready to listen around the clock without turning to others. At first glance, you may think that he is calm, calm, and modest. But you are not really a very active person. You analyze everything in your mind and digest it in your brain. You want to learn how people interact with each other.

6. "Traveler" chair. You are ingenious and energetic. You can't help but stare out the window of a train or plane all day and stare at the world. You are stubborn in your search for news. A place you have never seen before, new acquaintances, strange things will inspire you. You will be recognized as a restless soul by a stranger. Really, control yourself so that you can have some peace in your life. You want to spend your life traveling. When you are not traveling, you are always imagining a faraway land.

7. "Romantic" chair. You are a creative person and a dreamer. You can meditate for 24 hours. Your imagination is fast, your thoughts are always traveling the world. At the end of the trip, you won't find where you started. One person notices that you are multifaceted. The more you forget the world around you, the more you get lost. There are always good things in your mind that you can't think of, you just don't have the attention to write them down or remember them.

8. "Scientist" chair. Stubborn and lifeless. You can read a difficult and complicated book day and night and sit still. You decide to get lost in the world of ideas. But the more mysteries and mysteries they have, the more you will be interested. Someone who sees you thinks that you are not interested in what is happening in the world. In fact, without a very amateur. You read about what interests you until you fully understand it, even before the professors.

9. "Philosopher" chair. You are a brick, but not a fun person. You can sit in one place all day. However, you will not be bored, and you will not be bored with others. For you, the world is a huge entertainment. Every day in the world there are different interesting things. To the first person you see it, you look amazing. Fortunately, most people find your strange behavior interesting. You always have a different outlook on life.


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