USA peacekeepers returned to Afghanistan


The USA presidential administration informed that they would send thousands more troops to Afghanistan peacefully. This time, the USA government told that they would do so for the safety of its embassy staff and locals in Afghanistan.
Ned Price, a spokesman for the USA State Department, made the announcement. The information provided by Ned Price was published in The Washington Post. The Pentagon is currently discussing the issue.
According to Ned Price, the USA military peacekeeping force will remain there. And their military potential will continue to increase. Embassy staff will also be retained. This will give impetus to the maintenance of diplomatic relations between the Afghan and USA authorities.
Ned Price did not say how many troops the United States would send to Afghanistan. But he said an unknown number of thousands. The issue is currently being hotly debated on Twitter in the United States.
Only yesterday, Russia and China held a joint military exercise "Interaction 2021". This has revealed a lot to the United States. Therefore, it is clear that the United States is taking such steps, showing that it does not want to lose its geopolitical influence on the Old Continent.

Bekbolat Karzhan,
National portal "Adyrna"

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