Winners announced at Alatau Theater of Traditional Arts!


Abay is a Kazakh iron ore. It is the duty of the generation to propagate the instructive life and rich heritage of the poet. President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev in his article "Abay and Kazakhstan in the XXI century" said: "Almost all modern civilized countries can be proud of their great historical figures. Among them are politicians, statesmen and public figures, commanders, poets and writers, masters of art and culture. The Kazakh people are not alone in having children. Abay has a special place among them ... Lao-tzu and Confucius in China, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy in Russia, Voltaire and Rousseau in France. In the same way, we need to get to the point where all foreigners can name Abay at once in Kazakhstan. "It would be a great honor if other people would pay attention to us and say, 'The Kazakh people are the people of Abay.'

Initiated by the Department of Culture of Almaty, the Alatau Theater of Traditional Arts (Theater Director - Rinat Rifhatovich Zaitov) held 2 online competitions at the national level on August 10 (August 7-12) to promote the work of Abay Kunanbayevich based on a deep humanistic idea.

1) Republican online competition "They can grow from the ears, beautiful song and sweet mood" (competition among professional traditional singers in the performance of Abai's songs)

The winners were determined by liking.

Dias Murathan (Grand prize - 500,000 tenge)
Amangeldy Serikbekovich (I place - 300 000)
Zhasulan Tazhiyev (II place - 200 000)
Marzhan Apterbek (III place - 100,000)

2) Republican online competition for children and adolescents "Abai's way"
Only children aged 5-16 with the same name took part)

The winners were determined by the jury.

Jury: Kuanysh Zhumabekuly
Doctor of PhD, Head of the Literature Department of the Alatau Theater of Traditional Arts
Ainur Akhmetova
PhD, researcher at the Institute of Literature and Art named after M. Auezov
Erden Zhaksybek
Actor, winner of the Mask show

Abdrakhman Rinatuly (Grand prize 300,000 tenge)
Chingiz Asygatuly (I place - 200 000)
Togzhan Serikbay (II place - 150 000)
Togzhan Skak (III place - 100,000)

Kuanysh Zhumabekovich
Head of the Literature Department of the Alatau Theater of Traditional Arts

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