"The stick has two heads." Be especially careful not to overestimate


Kuat Akhmetov, the head of the Til Maydani online platform on YouTube, is doing the right thing. A good initiative aimed at raising the status of the Kazakh language. Representatives of other nationalities must know and respect the Kazakh language. But not only in a radical way. If we do not respect our own language, how can we expect it from others?

Kazakhs should be recognized by their knowledge, culture, art and ingenuity. For example, Dimash Kudaibergen sang in the Kazakh language for millions of people around the world. If we change ourselves in a civilized way, others will look at us, correct themselves, and even imitate us.

Not only world-renowned artists and singers, but also inventors and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk should come out of Kazakhstan. We must make an effort to do so. The Kazakh language must become the language of technology, business, finance, education and science.

The Russian press also paid attention to Kuat Akhmetov's active work.

National portal "Adyrna"

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