The medal winners of the Olympic Games were greeted with great applause by our compatriots


Darkhan Asadilov and Sofia Berultseva, winners of the XXXII Summer Olympic Games in karate, have returned to their homeland.

At the international airport in Shymkent, the winners were greeted with great applause by their compatriots.

The governor of Shymkent Murat Aitenov greeted the winners of the global competition at the airport and congratulated our compatriots on the bright victory. He wished the country success in the main competition of the four-year plan and success in the upcoming competitions.

The governor of the city handed over the keys of the car to the athletes on behalf of the sponsors.

It's worth noting that 10 athletes from Shymkent competed at the Tokyo Olympics. In karate Darkhan Asadilov and Sofia Berultseva reached the semifinals and won bronze medals.

The article is from the press service of Shymkent city governor

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